To my Friends, Family and Former Investors in FCC and DCF…

I would like to address the very personal matter that has consumed the last 4 years of my life and the lives of many people I genuinely care for.      For those of you that have taken the time to understand the entire situation BEFORE you judged me I would like to say a very heart-felt thank you.   For others that have judged me negatively based on newspaper articles and or phone/email contact with the British Columbia Securities Commission (“BCSC”) – I will not try to change your opinion of me.   Your opinions are just that – yours and quite frankly, they are none of my business!   I will however ask you to for one moment to come to this blog WITHOUT the blinders that many of you wear and really take time to understand not everything was as you were told.    Again, I understand and respect each and every one of you – you are important to me.

I have been asked by my friends and family, and, of course, several of my former investors to explain my side of the story.   To let people know what really happened with the investigation into my companies and to what has lead us to where we are today – a fine of $500,000 and disgorgement in the amount of $517,500.    I solemnly say there are 2 sides to this story – the BCSC’s side and of course, my side.   I have had people even say to me there is probably a third side which is more than likely somewhere in the middle of the other two.

I feel there are many questions that many of my former investors, business associates, friends, and even my family have with respect to the allegations brought forward by the BCSC.   I have been asked many questions by contacts over the last few months.   I will do my best to answer each and every one of them in this blog.   This blog will be candid, from my core, and most importantly truthful (no matter the cost).   One of the most important things I want people to take from this is an understanding that questions need to be answered – answered by people that are in control of our securities agencies across this country.    For whatever reason, many of the Staff of the BCSC feel they do not have to answer questions from the public – the public they represent!   This needs to change!

I have had several people ask me how I am doing, both professionally and personally.    The simple answer is that I am doing OK because I know the truth.

The long answer is far more complicated and over time I think some of these blog posts will outline the difficulties I encounter daily with everything from the “rumor mill” that runs its course to the frustration of dealing with a government organization that really stacks the deck against people that are suppose to get a fair chance at defending themselves.  Also, it bothers me daily that my former investors lost money investing in my projects as I thought that was something that would never happen.     This is something that bothers me to the core, but when we look at the truth as to some of the reasons why – it becomes almost unbearable.

However, one thing I can live with is that I do know the truth and one thing I have always found – the truth is a very tenacious battler, sooner or later it will always come out on top!



PS   This blog is going to skip back and forth over topics depending on what exactly is on my mind at the moment…I will try to make it flow in order the best I can.   Feel free to leave any questions or comments you may have in the comments sections and I will answer them as quickly as I can.   Thank you!

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