Recently the British Columbia Securities Commission printed a big fancy press release boasting with regards to money they have recovered in a matter from back in 2014.

While reviewing Receivership Order filed at the Supreme Court of British Columbia we happened upon another “grade 2 mistake” by the good people running our courts and the seemingly 2-cent lawyers that bring matters before the courts in this province.

By all accounts Lawson Lundell LLP looks like a good law firm and one can easily see that the scumbags at the BCSC lean on Lawson Lundell for many of their cases that the BCSC’s utter failures lawyers (like Olubode Fagbamie) are not able to handle. A closer look and we see that the BCSC “go-to guy” seems to be a William L. Roberts as he has represented them recently in several cases.

WILLIAM L. ROBERTS (Source: Lawson Lundell LLP website)

Now it looks like working for (and with) the BCSC (and their incompetent staff) has rubbed off on Mr. Roberts and his personal assistant whom we assume wrote the following: (NOTE: We have omitted some pages of the document)

Why would it have a completely different name on the last page of the Receivership Order? This document was filed on December 13, 2018 at the Supreme Court of British Columbia and these clowns cannot even ensure they have the right name on the document? Sounds oddly familiar does it not?

What say you Willy Roberts? In such a race to get your paycheck that you forgot to proof-read your submissions before you signed your name? Sloppy sloppy – no wonder you and the BCSC get along so good! Is your legal assistant related to the BCSC’s Colette Colter by any chance? LOL!!

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