If evidence brought forward by investigators at the BCSC is accurate, active lawyer and current Richmond MP Joe Peschisolido may have been complicit in fraudulent signatures being placed on legal documents causing his office to release funds to alleged fraudster Paul Oei.    Vancouver Sun reporter Sam Cooper reports today from the BCSC hearing….

Richmond MP – Joe Peschisolido

The article indicates witnesses at the Oei hearing (currently being conducted at the BCSC) have testified that signatures on legal documents (prepared by Peschisolido’s office) were used to transfer funds to different bank accounts owned by Oei – and that these signatures were not authentic.     According to the Lawyer Directory on the Law Society of BC website,  Peschisolido is an ACTIVE lawyer currently bound by their rules and code of ethics.  That beings said, I think we all know the type of people running the roost down at the Law Society.

If the allegations against Peschisolido is  true – is this legal?   Calls made by us today to Lynne Knights at the Law Society of BC were not accepted.    Do you think she is going to try and cover this up by ignoring the facts – as we allege in our complaints to her office last month?

We can see in an earlier article from April 12, 2017,  reporter Sam Cooper writes, In separate but related B.C. Supreme Court civil actions, some of the Chinese investors involved in the case allege losses and have sued Oei and his wife, Loretta Lai, as well as Peschisolido and Peschisolido’s law firm. In legal responses, Peschisolido and Co. have denied that the law firm did anything wrong in the case. Lai and Oei have also denied any wrongdoing.”

How can he claim nothing was wrong when his firm has allegedly prepared the legal documents and was allegedly involved with releasing the funds to Oei and his assorted business accounts?

WAKE UP PEOPLE!  This is an elected official and there needs to be an investigation into him and his company without delay.   Elected politicians need to be held accountable just as others – and should not be able to just stand on their soap box and claim innocence without an investigation.

Our only hope is that the people of Richmond remember this during the next election – how can they not?