It looks like we have this months winner of the “Absolute Scumbag Award” down at the British Columbia Securities Commission.    It is none other than Pamela McDonald (acting as Director of Communications and Education)….

Pam McDonald (Twitter)

Recently, through a Freedom of Information request, we asked to see McDonald’s expense account from BCSC’s fiscal year end for 2017-2018.    Her spending is questionable in that she has income of $244,522 and has expenses of $27,397.    We thought we would take a look – and as we reviewed her file we came across something absolutely pathetic and really shows the true colors of this BCSC Staff Member.

It appears that for whatever reason, McDonald was in charge of gathering supplies for a party for a fellow staff member’s (Brenda Benham) who was leaving the commission.   As you will see below – she ventured out of her cozy little office and made stops at Safeway (Cheese and Fruit Platters), Costco (Veggie Tray), and the Party Bazaar (for Balloons) to gather supplies for the going-away party.


Understanding people have parties for friends and business associates all the time, that we are fine with – we just don’t understand the absolute cheapness and greed shown by McDonald.

Ms McDonald, if you happen to read this blog – please take the time to think about why you wouldn’t go out and pay for this stuff out of your pocket?   Really?  You even had the audacity to charge back to the commission the 2 bucks you paid to park at Costco for fuck sakes?   How do you think Ms. Benham would feel if she knew you did this?  The woman gave her heart and soul to the Commission and you won’t even open your wallet and pay $189.00 for her little party out of your own pocket?    You make over $240,000 per year and you won’t pay $2.00 to park your car for a few moments at Costco or $13.00 bucks for some balloons?   What a joke!

You’re just another reason that people can’t stand abuse at our government level with our crooked Crown Corporations and why the BCSC, ICBC and BC Hydro etc. are all pathetic.  By the way – how do you even justify a quarter millions dollars a year salary plus over $27,000 in expenses?  At a simple glance – you run around town trying to spew the BCSC’s poison all in the name of keeping the markets educated?

And by the way – I will keep the “buying booze for yourself and others” on the BCSC’s dime while down in Toronto on the down low – for now!   Were you the Maker’s Mark or the Pinot Noir?

But no worries Pamela – after reviewing several other names on the list (including your fearless leader, Brenda Leong), we see many of you like to suck back the wine/booze while representing the BCSC….even at 2:00 in the afternoon!  I wonder if she went back to the CSA summer meetings that day?   My guess is that she did have to go back….because at 2:56 the same day she was buying a tea…

Good job Brenda!!  But I will give you kudos….at least you paid for your wine (this time) out of your $500,000 grand, right?   More to come on her expenses and her tastes for wine in the near future….stay tuned!   LOL!!