As you have read in this blog – we sent 4 emails to Brenda Leong (the Chair of the BCSC) in an attempt to get answers to some fairly simple questions.  As you may recall, one of those involved the blatant manipulation of evidence performed by Staff Litigators C. Paige Leggat and Olubode Fagbamiye.    It goes on record today, that we have NEVER received an email back from Ms. Leong for whatever reason.

So…we have decided to go another route and sent an email DIRECTLY to the offices of the Hon. Premier Christy Clark and Finance Minister Hon. Michael De jong.    Maybe they can get the answers from the BCSC as to why the Litigation Staff at the BCSC are able to manipulate evidence in a matter as significant as ours WITHOUT recourse.

Letter to Hon. Christy Clark and Hon. Michael Dejong REDACTED

As you see, we took the courtesy of copying our email and sent it to both Brenda Leong and the Executive Director, Paul C. Bourque.   In Mr. Bourque’s position of Executive Director, he is in charge of bringing allegations to the Respondents  by issuing a Notice of Hearing; and he is also the one that could have accepted the Respondents Settlement Offer that would/could have helped the former investors in FCC and DCF.

We NOW blame him in many ways with allowing Staff (trying to prove the case he brought forward) to manipulate the evidence relied upon.   And for certainly not looking at our Settlement Opportunity brought to him in early 2014.

Oddly enough, only moments after sending today’s email we received this ever-so-odd email reply from his desk…

BOURQUE Email Reply

EDIT:   We have found out Mr. Bourque has left the BCSC to pursue a job with the Toronto-based Investment Funds Institute of Canada (“IFIC”) as their new big shot President and CEO.

Hopefully, the new, yet-to-be-named Executive Director of the BCSC will look seriously at Settlement Offers that affect hundreds of investors;  and brings matters to a hearing room that are PROPERLY investigated with allegations that are accurate.

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