Recently, a message come across our desk showing the 2015-2016 Compensation Disclosure for the top 60 executives in the Province of British Columbia.   Shocked, we discovered the BCSC Chair Brenda Leong now ranks 3rd in the Province with compensation of a whooping $499,251, behind only the former President and CEO of the University of British Columbia ($576,054) and the astonishing salary of the CEO of BC Investment Management ($2,506,056).

As you have read previously in this blog, the BCSC have issued over $340,000,000 in fines and have only recouped (since 2013) a incredibly small $156,061.34 from Respondents found to have been in breach of securities laws in the province. This is not even .0004590 cents on the dollar!  Tell us again how this government organization is protecting the people of this wonderful province of British Columbia?   These are your government officials that have put these people in charge – if you or I had this little success doing our jobs we would be terminated instantly!

Now we question – HOW DOES BRENDA LEONG COMMAND A SALARY OF $500,000 PER YEAR WHEN FAILING MISERABLY IN DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF HER JOB?    When looking at the list, we can see several Executives in charge of BC’s universities that are making far less than 1/2 of what Leong brings into her home.  How is this possible?   And who has made this decision to pay her this enormous salary?   WAKE UP CHRISTY CLARK!

And to give you an idea of how much she is overpaid – ONLY 0.7% of BC’s WORKFORCE MADE MORE THAN $250,000 IN 2015-2016.   She is making double that!

As mentioned, it is time for change with these failing regulators and certainly time to look at the grossly over payment to a woman that is NOT doing her job – including standing up for her Staff and answering damn emails questioning her Staff’s actions.

This is very unfortunate!


Source:  Integrity BC Facebook Page (as at October 14, 2016)